ioncube removed

We have just released the fourth update for Cart2Quote Magento 2 this year. We are excited to announce that, as of this new version, Cart2Quote for Magento 2 no longer requires ionCube for decryption. This not only means that you now no longer have the additional server requirement that is ionCube Loader, but it also means that your module’s speed performance will be improved.

Are you a Magento 1 user who wishes to migrate to Magento 2? If so, I am glad to inform you that we have reduced our Magento 2 price for you and offer a smooth migration plan. On top of this, you are offered our free installation service!

What's new in the latest Version:

  • ionCube removed, ionCube decoder no longer required, resulting in faster average page loading times
  • New: Setting in admin for enabling/disabling product thumbnail images on customer dashboard to offer improved personalized experience
  • New: Easily expose linked quote data on order api call
  • New: User-friendly front-end tier quantity request

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